19 MARCH 2014 – 24 AUGUST 2023

Blondie flew in from Ohio, USA together with Violet. Roger renamed her “Blondie Cool” from the moment he laid eyes on her. And she truly was a “cool” dog.

We hate that you left us so soon Blondie; you didn’t deserve that dreadful disease.

We miss this joyful, spunky girl.

29 OCTOBER 2009 – 30 MAY 2023

Just over a year ago we said goodbye to Buttons, Rose’s littersister. We thought Rose would be with us for a few more years, but she took ill and we he had to make the decision to let her go.

She was a real gem with a gentle soul.

I’m sure you are running free with Buttons and Peewee and all the others that have gone before you.

27 JULY 2007 – 3 OCTOBER 2022

Einstein, we dreaded the time when you decided to say goodbye; but you did and we thank you for everything you gave us.

You have our hearts.

28 OCTOBER 2007 – 14 JULY 2022

Peewee was collected in New York by Merle and they flew back to South Africa via London; a trip that she will never forget.

She was a real Sweet P (aka Peep Peeps).

She was a true pack leader, with the sweetest nature and a non-chalant way of dealing with the younger troublemakers.

She fought a hard battle with the big C for months but eventually she just got tired and we knew it was time to say goodbye. This was a very hard goodbye for us but we know she is with Tom and her siblings and her children.

We miss you so much Peep Peeps.

29 OCTOBER 2009 – 16 APRIL 2022

We knew something was not right, but you hid it well. The time was not right but you left us anyway. You were the one that surprised us in everything you did. We will never forget you dear Buttons and that special heart you carried with you always. Hope you are having fun with Luan.

5 MARCH 2005 – 5 MARCH 2019

Here today, gone tomorrow.

You certainly did it your way!

We thought you would stay with us forever.

Fly baby girl, fly!

27 JULY 2007 – 3 MAY 2018

Lewis was Merle’s heart dog.

He left us on his own terms and very unexpectedly.

Run free beautiful Lewis.

You are sorely missed.

15 OCTOBER 2002 – 29 MAY 2017

Peter, together with his sister Patti, was our 5th import from the USA.

Peter was one very special dog. He excelled in the show ring and loved to perform.

He was never on a lead when we hiked in the mountains and always came back when called; he seldom left Merle’s side.

Peter and his sister Patti were our real foundation of what we are breeding today.

He lives in our hearts forever. We miss you and will never forget you.

4 APRIL 1995 – 11 APRIL 2014

You never said I’m leaving.

You never said goodbye.

You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.

Rest in Peace, dear Luan.

15 OCTOBER 2002 – 20 MARCH 2014

Patti, together with her brother Peter, was our 5th import from the USA.

She was an exceptional dog in every way; she was everything anyone could want in a Siberian. She had it all!

We miss you so much Miss P. Run free baby girl with that big family you have over that rainbow bridge.